How to Change Your Name after Marriage in India?

India is a country that known for its vast cultures and traditions. Though, it has different kinds of cultures, still women after the marriage change their surnames by adding husband’s name. However, there is no compulsion on the married women to add the name of their husband in the surnames. It is just a traditional thing that has been followed for over many decades.

Changing the surname or adding husband name needs certain procedures. In simple word, one has to follow few legal steps to make their change name official. Some people do not go for the changes thinking that they need to deal with certain legal procedures that might give them mental as well as physical stress. But if it is done systematically and properly then you will find that changing or adding the name is not at all a difficult task.

Below are the mentioned instructions that need to be followed carefully while changing your name after the marriage in India:

  • First of all, you need to make your marriage registered in Court and after that take the marriage certificate from the Registrar Office. Remember that the entire process may get maximum time of 60 days
  • In case of emergency, you can change your name by using the alternative method. You just need to fill out a joint affidavit with the entire details of your marriage on a stamp paper. You also need to paste a photograph of your marriage on the affidavit. After that you need to pay a fee to complete the notarization process
  • Now what you have to do is change the name on your PAN Card as it is considered as one of the most authentic and vital documents of your identity proof. To change the name on PAN Card, you just need to fill the form with mentioning your old PAN number with your change name. After that, you will get a new PAN Card with having old number and changed name. Here, you also need to give a photocopy of your marriage certificate or you can even submit the gazette affidavit with the application form
  • After completing this thing, you should change the name in all your bank accounts or policies. To have your new changed name on the paper, once again you need to submit the copy marriage certificate or gazette affidavit as the supportive documents
  • Changing your name in passport is quite important because it is also one of the most authentic proofs of your identity. It is such a document that has been accepted across the world as your identity. A copy of your husband passport along with marriage certificate has to be submitted to apply for re-issuance of new passport having changed name
  • Last but not least, change your name on your driving license at the nearby Transport authority with same supporting documents like – marriage certificate. You should also change your name on all important documents including – insurance and any loan

If you followed all these steps then there will be not problem in changing the name. It will also take lesser time if all the procedures duly systematically. Doing this, make all your important documents under one name, means in future you don’t need to face any problem related to your name while dealing with any issues.

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