How to Change Name on Driving License in India?

Driving License is counted as one among the other significant identification documents in the country, along with Passport, Voters ID Card and so on. The names mentioned on all these do hold an important role and occasionally, there could be few errors that may have happened inadvertently. In other cases, mainly in women, after marriage, surname gets change, and one may find it required to make a name modification in their driving license. Here are a few steps that necessitate to subsequent in order to change name effectively in a driving license:

  • The process is not as tedious as it may sound or you may feel. The steps have been simplified, so that the client does not face much bother and the measures are approximately same in all countries. Some of the main points to be remembered while moving for the particular application contain
  • It is constantly enhanced to go in person while moving an application to have a name alteration. Gather all the required documents which could consist of recent license, legal announcements like a Gazette Notification, which verifies that your name has transformed. For more precision, you could also contact a driving school for support on what are the obligatory documentations for a name alteration in a driving license.
  • Though applying for a name alteration, offer legal reasons as to why you are opting for a name alteration and the detailed reasons concerned to it. For eg: if you are wedded, provide your marriage official document and other essential documents concerned to it, or if you would like to maintain your surname after once transformed, provide documents like birth certificate and so on for legal official procedure.
  • Certify that the documents that you offered are in the language that could be unstated by the officials. In case a conversion is necessary, you should go for it and make it quite simple for the officials to comprehend the documents and analysis for name change.
  • Once all these have been remains, then proceedings with the documents. The documents that are requisite include:
    • Form L.L.D Form 1 – Which states proper details and compulsory information
    • Marriage Certificate – In case of wedded people, principally ladies
    • ID Proof – Proof such as PAN card, Voter ID or Passport
    • Address proof – Voter ID or Passport Original Driving License and Copy of the existing Driving license are required
    • And processing fees, which may alter from time to time.

Once all these are collected then you would have to visit the RTO where the processing happens.
Process followed there includes:

  • Accord from an Officer elected for approving such applications.
  • Then visit the Data Entry part for information’s to be composed.
  • Reimburse the fee at the Fee Collection Center.
  • Biometric Photographs, signature and finger prints are taken.
  • Re-checking of proper details entered for mistake free issuance of license.
  • Receipt issued which could be used as provisional driving license.
  • The original would be sending off via courier to address given.

When all these are all properly followed methodically, then you would obtain your new innovative driving license within a phase of 10 days at the maximum and you could then be uncomplicated from the thoughts of having to modify the name.

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