How to Change Name in India: Legal Procedure & Gazette Tips

Change Name Process India

At present, changing name is a very common phenomenon. For some or the other reasons, people have started changing their names. Be it any astrological, personal or professional reason, many of them is changing it for any of the particular reasons. How complicated this task would be is known to very few people. There are several pros and cons that are needed to be followed.

  • Please advertise change of name in one of the daily local leading newspaper stating therein father’s/Husband’s name along with residential address. Most of NEWSPAPER advertising agencies have standard format with them.
  • You need an affidavit duly attested by first class Magistrate/Notary/Oath Commissioner showing therein full details of father’s/husband’s name along with residential address before taking oath in the affidavit . In case of individuals working with Central Govt. they may submit deed for change of name in accordance with the Ministry of Home Affairs O.M. No. - 190016/1/87-Estt. Dated 12.03.1987. In case of Indians, living abroad, he/she will submit deed duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy/Indian High Commission, in original to this Department.
  • You need to write your personal details (old name, new name, Father’s name, permanent address and the name of your employer on a blank sheet of paper). Which must be signed by you in presence of two witnesses and witnesses also need to sign on the same paper.
  • After completing aforesaid formalities you need to send all these documents to “Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, of your State or you can visit the department in person. Here is the list of documents which you need to send, the original advertisement published in the newspaper, original declaration statement, attested affidavit and 2 passport size photographs & the Printing fee of gazette.
  • Within a month you will get the official copy of Gazette which will be proof of your new identity. Note: The documents submitted in Department will not be returned in any circumstances, neither original nor Xerox copy.

However the above mentioned steps are complicated which are required lot of legal concerns and time. We offer a very simple and transparent name change process. The benefits that you will get from us are as follows:

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